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Explore the futuristic neon lit streets of SynCity, a sinister urban metropolis of aggressive political order and unethical technology.


In the freezing emptiness of deep space, an unanswered SOS distress call drifts through the darkness of an inhospitable universe. The last of the human race struggle to survive in a futile attempt to reach a new home.  This eerie and spacious atmospheric progression will leave you contemplating a horrifying future for mankind.


Inspired by the science of relaxation, Awoken contains a simulated heartbeat matching the resting adult heart rate of 60 beats per minute, which is proven to lower blood pressure.

The sweeping soft pads and melodies are highly predictable, relieving anxiety and encouraging deep sleep.


Immerse yourself in the salty breeze of a breaking Tide.

Beautiful vocals sung to a relaxing ambient breakbeat, surrounded by the tranquillity of an emotional piano progression and acoustic melody. 

Hold on Me is the addictively colourful, jazzy jam sing along you can’t get out of your head.

The sensual female vocals and luscious saxophone, together with a funky rich Rhodes and piano jazz progression is the perfect compliment to a hot summer's day.

Satur80ed Cover.png

It doesn’t get any more eighties than Satur80ed.

This electro-pumping tribute to the Synthwave micro-genre is packed full of Juno 106, DX-7 and CS-80 hooks and pads to take you straight back to the neon light, supercar glory days of eighties synth heaven.


80s Ride exhibits a hard pace Synthwave track, drenched in energetic trance chords and melodic keys with classic vocal hooks. 
If you’re searching for that perfect midnight city light driving track, then look no further.


Coastline is a truly epic masterpiece of eighties cinematic nostalgia.
Released in early 2021, its authentic eighties production and live musicianship establishes a warm coastal atmosphere, before growing into a powerful instrumental climax of harmonic pitch bends and power-slides.


Origin is our debut single, released in late 2020. 
This unique instrumental mix of retro hooks, bound together by an upbeat funky progression, gives Origin its energetic yet relaxing atmosphere for a perfect summertime roller.

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